As from 3rd September 2018 SWGP delivers SWGP+ the extended access service directly to patients. Comments, suggestions or complaints should be directed through the SWGP office on 01926 458368. Further information is available in the patient complaints information leaflet attached below.

GP Practices


When discussing changes to existing care pathways or bidding for new services, we are very interested to engage with patients to understand what works well, what needs improving, is there a demand for this service and what a good service looks like for you?

Given the plethora of patient feedback groups in healthcare and the local community we are not looking to create another channel and further divide the finite pool of available participants. All of our GP practices have patient feedback groups (PPGs), representing the 285,000 patients in our locality. We can share information with these groups and receive input from them. Patient representatives from our PPGs have been instrumental in helping us shape the SWGP+ service.

The South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group (SWCCG) also has a patient forum. To ensure we reach large numbers of patients and gain a representative view, we have started working with Warwickshire Council and SWCCG to explore how we could collectively harness the contacts we have to work effectively and share resources.